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Japanese Dramas
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All about Japanese Dorama!
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Welcome to JDorama!
This community was set up for members to talk about their favourite/current/past Japanese dramas. Topics can include synopsis, discussions, favourite actors/actresses/characters, questions, etc.
Please take a moment to read the community rules below:
1) Posts should be related to Japanese Dramas ONLY. Japanese movies, music, stage plays are allowed too. Posts on Korean/Taiwanese/Hong Kong dramas or not related to Japanese dramas will be deleted.
2) Sales posts and ads are allowed only if they are related to Jdoramas.
3) If your post has spoilers, please put them under a cut. Same goes for image-heavy post.
4) Tags are not compulsory though are encouraged. I'll help out tagging when I can.
5) Downloads and icon posts are of course fine!! :)
6) Be civil in your comments and posts. Insults, attacks, will not be tolerated.
7) Lastly, email me if you have questions! :D

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